TW2000 Electric Tork Winch 120V


Electric Motor for Raising and lowering Basketball frames.

Industry-engineered specifically for use as a basketball backstop winch, the TW 2000 is the only oil-free design available. Independent tests verify the high ultimate safety margin designed into our products. The Tork Winch TW 2000 is designed to lift 800 lbs. at a line speed of 11 feet or 3.4 meters per minute. The cable travel is 25 feet or 7.7 meters on 1 layer, with a maximum cable travel of 45 feet or 13.7 meters. Built in North America, it is compact and weighs only 68 lbs./30.4 kg. allowing for unprecedented ease of installation. All main frame components are E-coated and all exposed sub-components are plated for maximum corrosion protection.