Center Roll Divider Curtain


Ceiling Mounted Center Roll Dividing Curtain

Most Popular Curtain on the market! The Center Roll Divider curtain has a unique integrated drive system positioned in the center of the curtain. This drive system connects the lower and upper portion of the curtain once powered the drive system rotates to retract the bottom portion of the curtain while climbing up the upper part of the curtain. This results in an extremely fast lifting speed, a typical curtain 28’ high can be retracted with-in 60 seconds. This system eliminates the high stress placed on other curtains by cables and grommets. Eliminating all these parts lowers maintenance costs. Due to the great success and track record of this divider system there exists some knock-off versions which do not compare to the quality and lift speeds the QUED brand Center Roll delivers. Consider the following list of attributes this divider offers: -Double operation speed -Motor can be easily serviced -No stress points on the vinyl -Trouble free installation -High clearance lift, within 254 mm (10 in.) from top of curtain -No high stress points as entire curtain rolls up evenly across the entire width -Simple installation does not require oversized overhead structure -All Plated or anodized hardware -Electric brake and inertia brake included -110V power requirement, 6A only -Unique design that does not require routine maintenance -Lower section of can be replaced with minimum cost. -5 year warranty on motor and drive -2 year warranty on vinyl curtain