Ceiling Suspended Basketball Frame


Single Mast Ceiling Suspended Basketball Frame designed and manufactured for any beam height.

Retractable configuration, allows unit to be folded upwards or sideways allowing other games to be played with-in your multi-court facility. Commonly mounted in front of stages or over bleachers where wall mounted frames cannot be installed. Most widely used backstop on the market, clean design is esthetically pleasing. Available in many configurations to meet your specific facilities requirements, fixed (non-folding), forward folding (back or front braced), rear folding, or side folding. Constructed from 153mm [6”] O.D. heavy wall tubing, formed channel top incorporates adjustable folding hanger for leveling on site. 2” O.D. bent & fitted side braces add strength and great looks, fully welded construction up to 10m (34’) ceiling heights, bolted design for ceilings over 10m (34’). 63 mm (2– 1/2”) x 8mm (5/16”) form fitted 6” tube clamps for mounting backboards and pulleys. 1/4” aircraft lifting cable mounted to electric or manual winch.*** LO-B79 Safety Strap must be used on all vertically folding basketball frames ***