Ceiling Suspended Basketball Frame


Double Mast Straight Drop Ceiling Suspended Basketball Frame Beam heights from 5.5m[18'] -8.5m[28']

Installed on main courts/side courts in front of stages where wall mounted frames can not be installed, folding frames used when fixed backboard would interfere with other game lines. Straight Drop allows frame to be mounted closer to obstacles e.g.. end walls, stage fronts. Frame design allows for clear view thru glass backboard without obstructions from structure, traditional look, ridged welded frames manufactured from 50mm [2”] x 76mm [3”] HSS. Uses 1/4” dia. aircraft lifting cable attached to electric or manual winch. Available in 1600mm [63”] O.C. for rectangular glass backboards or 890mm[35”] O.C. for all other standard backboards.*** LO-B79 Safety Strap must be used on all vertically folding basketball frames ***