Safety Locking Device


Safety Locking Device used on Basketball Units

Recommended on all vertically folding basketball backstops. The Aut-O-Loc 2 Basketball Backstop Safety Strap defines a new standard in gymnasium equipment safety. The new patent-pending design is backed by over two decades of experience, engineering, and market testing. We use heat-treated alloy which allows for an engineered casting with material exactly where it needs to be, increasing strength by as much as 50% over other designs. The competition doesn’t come close. Would you ever drive a car without wearing a safety belt? It is well known that automobile safety straps save lives. Similarly, basketball backstop safety is no joke. While basketball backstops aren’t inherently dangerous, there are many potential factors that can contribute to a mechanical failure. The Aut-O-Loc 2 basketball backstop safety strap provides the protection you need for your gym, the strap will catch a malfunctioning basketball frame from free fall, eliminating damage to your frame, facility spectators and players.